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SANCTUARY SHOW - Operation Noise Toaster - Event 19

Operation Noise Toaster is coming back this month to vibrate eyeballs and modulate your voice in the Sanctuary of Grace Lutheran! Holy Bass! The Trunk Space is our co-host for getting the space.

It's a new space to try and see how the system will work, with some great acts playing with sounds that will alter your consciousness at low and high frequencies. Come out for a now infamous experience you won't normally see at other events!


Casual Alien
Majestic Dubs with Ed Skymall
Wayward Sun

As usual, open mic and jam is possible. Additions and changes may happen, so check back.

Come check out our particular form of sensory assault and see how it all works in a space we haven't tried out yet.

Earlier Event: June 20
Later Event: June 23
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