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Tatsuya Nakatani w/ experimental video, New Sight

Solo Nakatani Set plus Collaborative Live Score
With locals:
Windy Boijen (banjos)
Seth Kasselman (synth/clarinet)

TATSUYA NAKATANI live sound score project:
featuring David Andree’s experimental video, New Sight.

For this performance, Nakatani improvises a live score while screening Andree’s experimental video work, New Sight. Inspired by accounts of blind individuals gaining their sight later in life, the video explores the interplay of light, shape, and movement within a non- linear narrative. Nakatani’s score attaches a voice to the vision, and together, sound and image move between form and formlessness, creating an intimate portrait of revelation.
David Andree on his video work, New Sight-

“Inspired by accounts of blind individuals gaining their sight later in life, the video work explores the interplay of light, shape, and movement as it fluctuates between abstraction and recognizable form.

Traditional lenses are not used in favor of exploring more direct manipulations of light. Light is focused through the use of self-made apertures including pinholes or using my own hands to direct the light. Using the body to focus light allows for the aperture to fluctuate in real time, allowing in more or less light, much like our own eyes do. This produces effects that are reminiscent of how it feels to open your eyes first thing in the morning or to squint at a bright light. Mirrors are used to redirect light, creating multiple viewpoints, and layers visuals in real time, further complicating the immediate comprehension of visual information.

Elements of landscape often appear throughout the work. I am attracted to the contemplative nature of the landscape’s gradual changes, vastness of space, varied organic forms, and atmospheric effects. I find its elements beautiful and simultaneously menacing. I strive to amplify these aspects through my own manipulation of focus, composition, exposure, movement, and layering.

Both sound and video move forward through time. Their changes imply a narrative however abstract it may feel. My hope is that the visuals combine with sound poetically to create a unique narrative structure for each person as they interpret the work, and that the emotive impact, and fluctuation between abstraction and representational form, provides new and unfamiliar experiences, striving to create novel, unanticipated aspects for appreciation.”

Trailer :

Tatsuya Nakatani is an avant-garde sound artist and master percussionist. Originally from Osaka, Japan he is based in New Mexico and tours extensively throughout the world; performing solo, with his large ensemble project the Nakatani Gong Orchestra - NGO, and in collaboration with other artists.

David Andree is an interdisciplinary artist whose work spans painting, drawing, sculpture, video and sound. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, he currently resides in the Ozarks where he holds the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Art.

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