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Trans X-Change: Dissonance

Trans X-Change is a local clothing swap to make getting threads easier(and less wasteful!) for trans and GNC friends while showcasing trans and Non-Binary artists. This event is open to everyone while following a few rules:
1. Cis friends must bring item for item swaps if wanting to look though the selection.
2. The event is for trans people, please be kind and let them have the first pick.
3. No one will be denied at the door for lack of funds, it is a $5 event or $3 with clothing donations.
4. THIS IS A SAFE SPACE, no hate will be tolerated!
5. Have fun and be kind to the space so we can continue to hold this event here!
There will be musical acts, so far we have:

clown doll


Lav Andula

**if you are not out and uncomfortable picking through clothing in front of others please message the hosts of the event, Jordan Joyner or Häxa Av Ljus to set up a time to come to our home and get some clothing! or text/call 602.425.9478 Jordan 602.642.4760 Haylen** we are ALWAYS accepting donations and can pick them up at anytime! please msg us to link up...THANK YOU!

Insta: transxchange