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SCRATCH Comedy: Push-In Royalty

After a whole month refresher, Scratch Comedy is BACK to get you ready for those showers and flowers. Come for runners, stay for our facial expressions. Prepare for risk-taking.

April 7th at the Trunk Space in Phoenix!🛋

Featuring the players:
Alejandra “37 Cents”
Dustin “Let’s Do It” Nguyen
Carson “Shirts Off” Harris
Savannah “hahHAHha” Case
Dave “I’m BACK BABY” Lorello
Tara “Pantsuit” Jensen
Mike “Who’s That Guy” Groth
Tony “Crunchy Boy” Potts
Kat “Moonshine” Reid
Sean “A Hat” McBride
Tiana “4am” Gaudioso
Ben “Newbie Boobie” Whitmire

and introducing new members!:
Erick “Dangerfield” Norman
Ben “Just Here for a Good Time” Whitmire

Tickets $10, doors open at 6:30pm!
(At the venue you do not need to pay for parking.)

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