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SCRATCH Comedy: Great Expectations

We EXPECT ya’ll are eager for Scratch Comedy’s first show of the year...wait with bated breath no more! We are back and ready more than ever to tickle your fancy for great, and sometimes groan-worthy, comedy! Come down to Trunk Space on February 9th for some truly Buzzfeed-article bound stuff.

Sean “I Have Rehearsal” Ryan
Dustin “Color” Nguyen
Carson “Oui?” Harris
Tiana “Has to Open Tomorrow” Gaudioso
Alejandra “Toni Collette” Gama
Tony “Personal Brand of Heroine” Potts
Kat “Frick the Patriarchy” Reid
Tara “Cooking Show” Jensen
Mike “Bodybuilder” Groth
Arde “Uhm...what?” Aghili
Savanah “Tiny Hat” Case