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Dark Lullaby musical premieres at Trunk Space

DARK LULLABY- New Film-Noir Musical Opens June 9 &17
Two live performances at Truck Space & The FilmBar

How do you steel yourself against a random universe that seems determined to turn you into an accidental killing machine? 

SHERI AMOURR, the director who brought you such live downtown stage musicals as The Goblin King's City, A Swimming in the Head and Rocky Horror at the Firehouse, joins forces again with SERENE DOMINIC (writer of A Swimming in The Head) to bring you DARK LULLABY, a new musical based on the 1945 film-noir classic Detour, even though Dark Lullaby's story arc goes from the mid 1970s to the late 1980s, leaving plenty of room fr stylistic musical genre-hopping, from rock to rap to disco.

The show stars SKY DONOVAN as young Tom Reynolds, a once-gainfully employed guitar player trying to get to the West Coast to reunite with his actress girlfriend Joanna, played by RIVA FIGUEROA. See SHERIDAN WOOD as the femme fatale Lyndetta, determined to derail Tom at all costs and actor/rapper JOOBS as Roscoe Des Moines, the man of means who inadvertently sends Tom off on his downward spiral to the electric chair.

Then thrill to ASHLEY NAFTULE in a dual role as Warden Crosley, the man who tries to keep Tom on the straight and narrow and Mr. Sunniver, the sleazy casting director out to out-ME TOO Joanna. Also in a dual role is ERNESTO MONCADA as Mr. Punabi and Father Merv. RYAN AVERY portrays Riley, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fishoff, (PARKER MORDEN & VERONICA MONICA) whose power and wealth can and will turn the whole town of West Patagonia against Tom! Guiding them on their rendezvous with vengeance is ABIMAEL MONTES GUARDIOLA as Psychic Bobby, the telepathic bounty hunter from Wichita Falls.

Writer/co-director SERENE DOMINIC narrates as the older more incarcerated Tom while the SAN JACINTO DEATH ROW PRISON BAND serve as the show's pit orchestra. Through personal reminiscences, songs and flashbacks, we'll follow Tom Reynolds' unintentional killing spree across the United States which will result in four deaths, including a beloved four-legged creature which no one ever forgives Tom for killing. Allegedly.

The show will premiere Saturday, June 9 at the new Trunk Space's Hope Hall (where Catholic masses are held in its less homicidal moments). Showtime is at 8 PM

Advance tickets for this show are available here

The second performance will be on Father's Day night, Sunday, June 17 at The Film Bar, a natural place for a film noir musical to come full circle!