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Asa Martin is touring with friends, so on his way through the valley we're puttin' em through a ROUND ROBIN

What's a round robin???

So each band plays a total of 8 songs, but only two songs in a row; starting with Asa. So Asa will play two songs, then move onto the next artist (who also plays two songs) and so on.

The show continues like that until all 8 songs are completed by all 6 artists. 

⬇Round Robbers below⬇

Asa Martin
Solo acoustic antifolk/folk-punk

Matt DeCaro
mostly sad Very funny acoustic guitar comic

Austin Antoine
hip hop wordsmith who loves the DIY scene/ethic

Naveen Borojerdi solo
Yung surf boiz, solo set

Sore Eyes
Emo/folk/punk/indie gems

Chuck Arock
Frontman of local ska-metal-punk band "The Linecutters"

$7/All Ages
7:30pm Doors