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Banny Grove LA, Jennifer Vanilla NYC, Yipee

Banny Grove

Sometimes it takes a post-human character to stir the humanity in a citizen of the 21st century. Sometime there's no better role model than a woman in a wig, pointing down the path of righteousness with big, caricature-ized gestures. Wherever she goes, Banny flies through the scene with the untiring energy of a person who's not the least bit confused about her purpose as a songwriter, a performer, and a culture-shaper: simply to spread the law of kindness as far as she can. 

Jennifer Vanilla (Becca Kauffman of Ava Luna)

Imagine a world where separateness is secondary; togetherness, the prime condition. A place in which you are where and who you want to be from the moment you arrive. A world where Jennifer carries you away. Set adrift with the timeless pleasure of "Jennifer Clock." Take a trip to Jenniferland with crowd favorite, "Jenniferland Brochure." Get it done with national treasure, "Do It! Emphasize Your Strengths," and move to the rhythm with hit single, "Happy Sad Angry Mad." No other artist gives you that very special feeling of Jennifer. 
"If you're going to have a fantasy, at least make it reality. If you're going to have reality, at least make it a fantasy." 
-Jennifer Vanilla



Later Event: October 29