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OME House Band and Friends

The OME House Band is an open score and improvisatory ensemble that pushes everything you know about classical music out the window. The House Band is part of Oh My Ears (OME), and organization dedicated to the creation and sharing of new music by emerging composers and sound artists. 

We will be performing Ravi Kittappa's "Shelter" which is a trippy micro to macro take on a Rolling Stone's tune, Terry Riley's famous open score cell-based work "In C", "Practices Encounter Entrainment" by Blake DeGraw, which is a gestural generated work, Charles Turner's "Cairn" which might actually be a work by Disaster Area, and "Moods" a short wibbly-wobbly landscape by Eric Delgado.

Doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm, $6.