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Boy Oh Boy (Last Show) / Diners / The Darling Sounds / Willetta

Hello! boy oh boy is having their last show ever (r.i.p) and celebrating the release of their compilation tape which will be available at the event for $5. First five people to purchase tapes will get a free poster! Come join us (if you want to) for a night of music and kindness!

Diners: Your pals, the people who manage to make you smile every single time you see them. Very friendly rock and roll pop.

Willetta: Imagine some angels singing/playing alternative Americana and then make them really goth.

The Darling Sounds: Literally the sweetest bunch making the sweetest alternative indie pop tunes. Your fave locals, the kind you never avoid when you see them in public.

boy oh boy: A small lo-fi sad pop dream you once had a long time ago where you fell down a hole and watched the sun rise from the bottom of it.

Presented by Pen Cap Collective.