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AJ Woods / Malta / Willetta

AJ Woods: Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, AJ Woods has been a part of the underground Southwestern music scene for nearly a decade. In that time, Woods has released two full-length albums on Denver, Colorado's Tinyamp Records (S/T, 2013, The Fence, 2016), as well as EPs, singles and live recordings, which have earned him comparisons to Jason Molina, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Neil Young, and Townes Van Zandt. Still, "Woods'[s] lyrical style, guitar playing and singing are his own—something that can't often be said." (Weekly Alibi) With music and lyrics that are “poignant and powerful," (ABQ Free Press), Woods creates not only songs, but "unpretentious poetry....This guy's for real." (Weekly Alibi) A teacher, a musician, a poet, whatever he is, in times like these, when our sense of reality is shifting and dissolving, Woods' music is a grounding force. It brings us back to the cold, hot, hard, soft, wet, dry earth on which we live and depend, the music; it reminds us that we have hearts, bones that break and heal, blood that can leave us; that we are related to, made and capable of many things.

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