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Karen Meat / Dana T / Lil Trip / Harrison Hufman / Frensky

Karen Meat: A pop-rock project of Arin Eaton, based between Des Moines and Iowa City. The band itself is a moody character, a sequined oversized sweater, crooning melodies, and lyrics of a bored generation. Glittering with memorable beats, 60s-girl-pop inspired vocals, guitar solos, and coordinated outfits; grumpy rock nā€™ roll songs with a tinge of partying and omnicord.  Realistically, pop songs should be fun and sad. Karen Meat embraces the power of rejection and depression as themes for her music, and her upbeat tunes are gems of sarcasm and truth.

On tour with Dana T: Silly banter, seriously layered, complex guitar-pop.

Local love...

Lil Trip: Mathy rockers, but not "math-rock."

Harrison Hufman: Experimental duder turns hazy garage-popper.

Frensky: New solo project from your favorite omnichord superstar.