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Small Talk Fest 1

It's festival season, and that means a million amazing bands are passing through Phoenix! It just so happens that five of Small Talk Collective's favorite DIY touring bands are coming through on the same day, so they decided to throw a mini fest with the help of Aaron Ponzo and The Trunk Space!

Diners: Needs no introduction, we all love them ♥

Southtowne Lanes: Emo Rock from Eugene, OR.

Hemingway: Very cool Portland emo band.

Narrowed: Las Vegas Skramsy tastiness on tour with Southtowne!

Stocksmile: Formerly known as Bobby Meader Music. More tour dates under their belt than anyone.

Panoramic: Socal emo on tour with Hemingway.

The Expos: Local sweethearts.

Adult Feelings: Four kids looking for love in all the wrong places.

The living Receiver: A wall of sound that will keep you stickin' around.

Show will be ten dollars with all proceeds going to The Trunk Space and the five touring bands! Lets have some fun!