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Warped Your Records' Prom 2017

Hey, you're pretty nice! in fact you're too nice! You couldn't turn anyone down for prom!!! Now, looks like you have 5 prom dates!!! but fortunately for you, I got this whole thing planned out!!! Do you have your ticket though?? It's $6!!! (If you dress in prom attire, you get in for $3.) Okay but the plan!

First, you'll pick up your 1st date, Cesar Ruiz. You rented a limo, right? if not, please do so! You'll both drive to prom, talk, look deep into his eyes, maybe share a kiss. You'll arrive at prom, hang out a little out of sight of everyone, after 10 minutes of hanging with him you'll say, "Would you like some punch?" Cesar being the giant punch fan will agree, at this point you should sneak off to your next date!

You gotta make sure your next date Banny Grove knows you are going to be late. Banny is really nice, from California, been your crush since the 7th grade, and she will understand you being late. Meet her on the dance floor, dance to a few songs, laugh, love, then say you gotta use the bathroom and run off. You may cry 'cause you have to leave her, but you got more dates to attend to!

Your next date, The Darling Sounds, will meet you at the picture booth. You may think to yourself, "How'd I get a date with these alien-obsessed lovers?" and I don't think anyone knows. But honestly as weird as they are, you kinda like it, so you stick around for a bit, maybe kiss, talk, yada yada yada. After a bit, ask if they wanna go star gaze, they'll agree. Say you need to go to the bathroom but you'll meet them there. And now it's off to the next date!

Hmmmmm, the mystery date, this date will be hiding behind the bleachers, and only talk about lizards, they're pretty weird, leave immediately to your next date.

Your final date, The Expos, is the sensitive bad boy of the bunch. They will be so upset if you leave, but act like they won't. Dance with them for a few songs, hold hands, maybe share some seltzer. And then wow prom's over. Take Them to your limo and give them a ride home.

There's an off chance that all your dates will see you with someone else, and if that happens, I'll let you bring my guitar and you can shred your way out, but let's hope that doesn't happen.