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Eamon Fogarty / Run-On Sunshine / Childhood Asthma / Sugar Skull Explosion

Eamon Fogarty: A "parade for the spirit" from New York, NY. New release Progressive Bedroom available on Joyful Noise Recordings.

In the words of Chris Schlarb, whose band Eamon has played in: " My attraction to honesty is relentless. Eamon Fogarty has no guile. He is as true as a bird singing in the trees. His music, like life itself, contains the beautiful and the grotesque. Some artists demand love from their audience. I don’t know how or why it works but I love Eamon’s music. I feel protective of it. When something that powerful calls out... you should pick up the phone."

Run-On Sunshine: Recently relocated to Sunshine City a.k.a. St. Petersburg, Florida, but back already for a visit!

Childhood Asthma: Super songs from Maya!

Sugar Skull Explosion: The best duo in the universe!

Flyer by  Cora Chance !

Flyer by Cora Chance!

Earlier Event: November 16
Food Not Bombs Benefit