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"Andy and His Grandmother" Listening Party

BY POPULAR DEMAND Related Records and The Trunk Space Present ANDY KAUFMAN "Andy and His Grandmother" Listening Party

Doors will open at 10:00pm. Entry is $2.
Side A of the record will start around 10:15pm, followed by a 10 minute intermission, then side B of the record will start.

Milk and Cookie refreshments will be provided afterwards.
Tickets will be sold at the door.

-------------- MORE INFORMATION ON THE ALBUM --------------
Andy and His Grandmother is the posthumous debut album from American comedian Andy Kaufman, released on Drag City Records on July 16, 2013. Composed of recordings that Kaufman made on microcassette from 1977 to 1979, the album was created by several of Kaufman's friends as well ascontemporary comedians.

Kaufman recorded over 80 hours of material with the intention of recording an album similar to Steve Allen and Jerry Lewis' prank call comedy records—his tapes include explicit instructions on how the album should sound. Kaufman's girlfriend Lynne Margulies kept the tapes for decades but never found the opportunity to release them until she published a 2009 book of letters sent to Kaufman and her publisher put her in touch with Drag City. The album was compiled by editor Rodney Ascher and comedian Vernon Chatman with narration between tracks by comedian Bill Hader and liner notes by Kaufman confidante Bob Zmuda The album includes Kaufman's potential plans for faking his own death—a long-rumored prank that he has allegedly pulled on the public for over 30 years. Chatman is contractually barred from commenting on whether or not Kaufman in fact faked his death.

"...undoubtedly one of the strangest albums in recent memory."-The Boston Globe

"...he still resonates and fascinates in our world of meta-this and post-that, why anyone would care about a collection of cobbled together personal recordings from an enigma who's been dead for nearly three decades." -Pitchfork

"Once again, we suspect we�re the ones being goofed on, but we never quite know for sure."-Consequence of Sound