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At 51 West: Jeph Jerman and Steve Jansen / Jimmy Peggie / Fade Into You / Michael Gelinas

Jeph Jerman and Steve Jansen: A continuation of a first-time collaboration between the longtime Arizonans during Texas’ No Idea Festival in February 2016, the barely amplified duo employs sound makers ranging from patch cables to desert-sand-in-cup poured onto notebook paper. 

Jimmy Peggie: Architectural microsounds of electroacoustic, ambient, and drone plunges listeners into the soft abyss. 

Fade Into You: Clark, Tyler, Seletos, and Q make shit up. It could be racket, ratchet, beautiful, plum-colored, disintegrated, smooth noise, even-tempered ghetto-tech. It could be.

Michael Gelinas: Free improv guitar with a surplus of narrative arcs and story-like structures.

FiftyOne West is located at 51 W Southern Ave, Tempe, Arizona 85282.