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At 51 West: Dog Party / Sneeze Attack / Sugar Skull Explosion / Diners

Dog Party and Sneeze Attack are two amazing pop-punk bands on tour from Sacramento! Catch them live at this Trunk Space pop-up show at 51 West (Southern Avenue) in Tempe!

Sugar Skull Explosion are also playing, and this is the release show for their second album, Zombie Party!

Just added...Diners!

More on Dog Party! Catchy melodies, tight harmonies, fuzz pedals and big drums; what more could you possibly want in a rock and roll band? Formed in 2007 by sisters Gwennie and Lucy Giles, the duo draws influence from the classic sounds of the Ramones as well as contemporaries Ty Segall to synthesize their own unique style. Careful listeners will also notice a nod to bands like Cub and Tiger Trap, the former of Sacramento, CA lineage as well. Both play a multitude of instruments, but their live show consists of Lucy on drums and Gwendolyn on guitar with both sisters sharing lead vocal duties.

More on Sneeze Attack! A girl group vibe filtered through fuzz, Sneeze Attack's Maxwell LP recalls 90s South City singles, Sacramento's legendary Tiger Trap, and contemporary twee-rockers Bent Shapes. They formed in 2012 when Dino met Hans. The two started writing songs and roped in their friend Patrick for some shows and a single, Aurora. After gigging around with Dino's pet bunny and other furry friends, they hit the studio with Chris Woodhouse behind the board, Christine Shelly on drums, and Charles Albright on lead guitar.