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Young Hunter / Mercury MINES / Good Ol Joel / Warriors of the Month

Young Hunter: From Portland, with Tucson origins. "The sound still reflects its desert roots, though it is now layered with a new sense of mystery - a slow, psychedelic haziness that billows and swells with sorrow and mystery.

"Young Hunter’s new album (appropriately self-titled, perhaps in reference to a kind of reawakening they’ve experienced in their new home) is quite different than I was expecting. There’s an emotive hue that hovers atmospherically over a bed of dark, heavy riffs with touches of occult and folk rock. It’s a beautiful album, really...

"'You are not alone in the pain that fills the human heart, though you wander on your own for lifetimes in the dark.' Comforting words, made all the more powerful by the dual vocal harmonies of Benjamin Blake and Sara Pinnell, who sing wistfully over a bed of classic rock leads by guitarist Erik Wells, with Sam Dean (bass) and Grant Pierce (drums) providing AIC-style 'Would' rhythms you can’t help but get lost in." - Doomed & Stoned.

Good Ol Joel

Mercury MINES

Warriors of the Month