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Grove of Baal / Tsone / Teen Summit / I'm Listening

Grove of Baal: From Santa Fe, NM. An experimental music group and compositional collaboration comprised of Ben Tempchin (voice, guitars) and Aaron Jenks (piano, Rhodes, organs and synths), who have been working together in various bands and projects for 15 years. Grove of Baal is concerned with the combination of song and improvisation and explores the elements of dynamic composition and structural fluidity that occur as a result of that milieu: Specifically, what happens when the infinity of improvisational possibilities is channeled into the architecture of the structurally predetermined song. These themes are explored through compositions with melody and lyrics, in a dense, effect-laden style that is at times hazy and spacious and at others harsh and loud. They draw inspiration from free jazz, noise, industrial, and psychedelic rock.

Tsone: Veteran Phoenix electronic composer.

Teen Summit: New AZ droners.

I'm Listening: New vocal looping project from two Paper Hats.