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Mommy Long Legs / Boyfriends / Nanami Ozone / Pro Teens

Mommy Long Legs: From Seattle. "Brat-punk, in the most endearing sense, is probably the best way to describe one of Mommy Long Legs' newest songs, 'Assholes.' The gleeful lyrics: 'You can take your money and put it in your asshole! / You can take your condo and put it in your bungalow!' Like so many bands, they can't help but be concerned with Seattle's changing economy, and their songs become mini-anthems of anticlassism. Their feminist super-chants are cleverly veiled inside songs like 'Weird Girl,' 'Haunted Housewives,' and 'Catcallers.' Members Lilly, Cory, Melissa, and Leah have been playing together for a little over a year, but they're making waves, getting hearty hoorays for their first album, Life Rips, and their new EP, Assholes [recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, WA], from reviewers like MTV News and Vice's Noisey..." - The Stranger

Boyfriends: Also from Seattle!

Nanami Ozone

Pro Teens