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PHX SUX: Art Opening / de’Lunula Screeners 4

If you haven’t noticed, Phoenix is a gaping concrete orifice in the middle of a scorched desert landscape that will probably be wiped out by UV rays from the sun in a few climate changing decades. Either it’s a city that’s stupid and should not exist, or it’s the cool, dystopian hell hole that only a bunch of badass biker warriors could survive in. de’Lunula Media believes it’s both!

That’s why they're hosting PHX SUX, a lovely art exhibit at The Trunk Space — the samevenue where they’ve hosted their weirdo video marathons de’Lunula Screeners 1-3. As part of the art opening and reception, they're showing de’Lunula Screeners 4: This One Is Just Called Number Four! Hosted by none other than Andy Warpigs.

If you’ve got art that’s positive, negative, or stone-cold neutral that somehow celebrates living in the Valley of the Spun — including weirdo videos that you'd like to submit to de’Lunula Screeners 4 — then email delunula @ gmail dot com with a JPG of your art. It should probably be said you must be local to Phoenix or surrounding cities. Deadline is March 28th!