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PulseWidthMod / Shun the Atavist / Hex Marrow / Obvious Identity

PulseWidthMod: The solo project of Maeghan Donovan, from Baltimore. Melodic layers of synthesizers coupled with syncopated kicks and percussion that evolves into poly-rhythmic territory. PulseWidthMod sets out to take the listener on a visceral escape to the reality of the subconscious. She aims to tap into the waters that flow beneath the atmosphere where we are all connected, planting seeds of empowerment in the listener; inspiring them to believe in themselves and create their own reality.

Genres are something she views as a trap that ultimately keep a bird’s wings clipped unable to fly. Instead of the term genre, she’d prefer to use the term passport to describe the likes of the territory she crosses into. Her Irish heritage from her Dad’s side taps her into an Industrial territory, while her mother’s heritage takes her on the journey of the melodic likes of Kraut.

Shun the Atavist

Hex Marrow

Obvious Identity