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Bobby's Oar / Good Ol Joel / Jim Casual / Blithed

Bobby's Oar: "In 2014, singer and guitarist Greg Hughes was in the middle of a tour with his band Among Giants when he realized it wasn’t working for him. He yearned to play music, but the band, which started as his solo project, had changed beneath him into something that he no longer felt connected to. So Hughes launched a new life in the Pacific Northwest and, with it, Bobby’s Oar—a project that expresses the same raw emotion and honesty that has always made Hughes’s music powerful, but returns the singer/songwriter to his rightful place behind an acoustic.

"But he saw from its inception the potential to expand Bobby’s Oar beyond a lone solo project. “The band came together from a need for the possibility to do whatever is best for the songs, which in many cases is playing with a full band.” For such occasions, Hughes has tapped guitarist Zach Frimmel, drummer Aron Pollard, bassist Laura Hall, and trombonist Darren Lee." (Note that Greg will be playing solo on this tour.)

"The Weeds in Your Garden (the first full length from Bobby’s Oar) is not only the byproduct of this new life, but also a ten-song account of Hughes’s westward adventure from beginning to end. Of course, the irony is that The Weeds in Your Garden (and, more broadly, Bobby’s Oar) is as much about starting anew—about dropping everything, moving across the country, and endeavoring toward the unknown—as it is returning to the old, the familiar, the place Hughes should have never left." - Dane Erbach

Good Ol Joel: Indie alternative rock band from Tempe/Phoenix. Being a band for almost a year, they've taken their time writing copious amounts of music, occasionally performing, and perfecting their first album; Long Roads and Angry Hitchhikers, to be released in coming weeks. "We are kind of just a band based entirely off of our spontaneous urges. We've never quite sat down and written a song, in that way we are pretty much just the epitome of a jam band . . . But cooler." - The collective minds of Good Ol Joel. 

Blithed: Solo project from Seth Ryan Norman of Surprise, AZ rockers, Painting Fences. No two Blithed shows are the same!

Jim Casual: New project from Jim of The Casual Offenders!