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Extravision / Nicholas Sebastian Naioti / Banshee Speak / The Cyphers / JAM Namaste

Arizona-Iowa united night of love! What a lovable lineup!!...

Extravision: From Des Moines, Iowa, featuring Ryan Stier from The River Monks. Alt-folk music made in the name of existentialism, spiritualism, agnosticism, human curiosity, and the thirst for learning, the love between friends, the love between strangers, the love between enemies, the mysterious journey of the temporary human, the gift of death, and each day leading up to it.

Nicholas Sebastian Naioti: Front person of the band Mr Nasti, from Fairfield, Iowa. From Mr Nasti's website: "In a time when 'hating' is an intransitive verb many people might as well list among their hobbies online, a Mr Nasti show can seem almost alien in its sincerity...

"Nicholas has been in a ton of bands. Some were goofy, some were noisy, and one or two you might call twee. For awhile after he moved to Nashville he wore quite a bit of face paint on stage, and got on national television a couple times doing it, too. And that’s to say nothing of the DIY music venue he also ran for years when he wasn’t on tour...

"There was the collection of recorded stories about running away that he set to original music, and released on cassette as The Runaway Tapes. Then there was the music residency...where he created and performed a sprawling three-act musical with an ensemble cast of 19. His artistic projects became so numerous they were difficult to keep track of, and somewhere in there he also managed to open a restaurant and bar that books live shows, as well as a recording space. What a guy."

With local love from...

Banshee Speak

The Cyphers

JAM Namaste

The image for this event was designed by  J Kyle Kelly .

The image for this event was designed by J Kyle Kelly.