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Captain America Saved From Drowning (A New Play by Andy Boyd)

The year is 2044. The Russian war is over, and America looks forward to a period of peace and stability as the world's greatest sealed-off oligarchy. When allegations of sexual misconduct emerge regarding President Daniel Lessard, the President resorts to drastic measures in order to win the Democratic nomination and stay in office. Specifically, Lessard enlists Captain America to serve as his Vice President. As tensions mount between Lessard's corporatist administration and Cap's Old-Left sensibilities, both sides are forced to question what we want from our government, and what it means to be an American in the tumultuous mid-Twenty-first century.

A reading of a new play from AZ ex-pat Andy Boyd, currently pursuing an MFA in playwriting at Columbia University.

7:30pm doors - 8:00pm performance - $5 at the door