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Yek Koo / Heavy Hymns / Dismal Light / Seth Kasselman

Yek Koo: The solo project of visual and performing artist Helga Fassonaki (half of free psych duo Metal Rouge), often appearing in a ragged stripped-down cloak of distorted guitar, wailing vocals, pocket trumpet, cassette loops, and body movements. Exploring the relationship between space, body, microphone, and breath, Yek Koo sculpts sound in the moment, allowing for horn exclamations and sparse rhythms to move within and against the physicality of space and matter. Upcoming cassette release on Drawing Room Records.

Heavy Hymns: The sound project of Michael Hentz. Originally from Syracuse, NY, he performed in the experimental duo American Sphinx along with drummer Jarek Miller alongside many experimental performers such as Tom Carter, Zs, Expo 70, Blues Control, Loren Connors, Magik Markers, and others. Hentz moved to Brooklyn in 2010 and performed solo as Heavy Hymns and joined John Bohannon with his project Ancient Ocean. Solace, Hentz's first proper solo release on House of Alchemy, taps into the cosmic other: "Weaving guitars and synth together to create something that is lush and entrancing".

Dismal Light: Ryan Rousseau from Destruction Unit.

Seth Kasselman: From Warm Climate.