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Traps PS / The Numerators / Treasure MammaL / Tk and the Irresistibles / Rum Drinker

Traps PS: From Los Angeles. Their new LP is "fourteen tracks long of abrasive and twisted punk rock – like 34 minutes of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Guitars are stringy and jarring but melodic, woven through these striped-down anthems like a metal thread that will cut you on any angle. Bass lines simmer and rumble under the harsh twang, providing a thick and groovy rhythm as punchy percussion does the rest of the gut-busting. 'Hectic' is but one way to describe these angular outbursts of purely original, funk-fueled post-punk. Fourteen tracks average out to about 2 minutes apiece, crammed with loads of blunt edges and angles that has the entire album staggering and tripping over itself in the best way possible." - The Styrofoam Drone

The Numerators: Fuzzy psych-rock from Austin, TX.

Treasure MammaL: Will change your life.

Tk & the Irresistibles: Screaming twee-surf.

Rum Drinker: Nasty organ-surf.