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Run-On Sunshine - tour kickoff! / Miss Massive Snowflake / Off the Horizon / Alli Gato / Egg Princess

Run-On Sunshine - Kicking off the 11+ week "Feline Thesis Defense Tour!" Making music as Run-On Sunshine is like forever being a senior in college: cramming to write new songs, on the precipice of some new phase of life. The eternal sunshine of the feline mind is going to spread all over scores of states and one province. It starts at The Trunk Space! Joined by...

Miss Massive Snowflake - A perennial tour warrior himself, sometimes joined by a band, often just solo, always brilliant songwriting and engaging performances.

Off the Horizon: One of the best new rock bands to hit the valley this past year!

Alli Gato: Wonderful story-telling songs!

Egg Princess: Jelena Gonzalez and her new band!