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Whitman / Andy Warpigs / Sonny Morgan / WOLFZiE

Whitman: From LA, on Folktale Records. Christopher Payne, who has performed as Whitman since 2002, specializes in the punctured and confrontational. Though his records specialize in noise-folk emotional polarity, live is when Whitman is his most vulnerable, alternating between unnerving quiet and unflinching hysteria. His newest album, Restoring Darkness, best captures this live anxiety through deflated instrumentation, stark guitar, and desolate rooms. The numerous contributors to Restoring Darkness include Corey Fogel (drums - EMA), Henry Barnes (electronics – Amps for Christ), Ezra Buchla (viola – Chelsea Wolfe, Gowns), and Sean Bonnette (vocals – Andrew Jackson Jihad), attaching greater appendages to the organism.

Andy Warpigs

Sonny Morgan