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Palberta / Molly and the Molluscs / DWARF / Doll Skin

Palberta - On tour from NY! This is what they say: "We love to rock and roll! We also love food! Music is the greatest!"

This is what someone else said about them: "Their music made me wonder about what it would be like if the whole landscape of popular music looked completely different. What if the Beatles never made it big? What if 'The Shaggs Anthology' was a six part TV series in the 90s?...Watching Palberta is sort of like watching incredibly imaginative children paint in another dimension. What's striking isn't so much any youthful naivety (I'm sure they know exactly what they're doing) as it is a total abandon and foreign approach to their craft." - The Media.

Joining them for this fun-filled night are locals...

Molly and the Molluscs


Doll Skin