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Best Dog Award / Oliver House / The Ricardos / Banshee Speak

Best Dog Award: From Tucson. A lovable, fuzzy, surf-ish rock three-piece with driving progressions and perfectly matched tones. The band conveys the complex landscape of their music with apparent ease in a light, resonant, and enjoyable way. With such an honest sound and endearing charisma, Best Dog Award finds their way into your heart through your ears--so quickly, in fact, that you may not even notice they're there so comfortably until they offer you some Pizza Rolls and hand you the N64 controller telling you it's your turn. They paint murals with their music like how Jackson Pollock might approach a canvas. Some strokes seem meticulous, others frivolous; some violent, and others almost invisibly gentle. Throughout, BDA's candid delivery is true to the art of creativity, a true delight to see and experience live.

The Ricardos

Banshee Speak

Oliver House