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Mischief Brew / Ramshackle Glory / Black Mountain Moonshine / The Linecutters / Travis James & AAA

Mischief Brew: In June of 2000, after spending four years screaming in a punk band called The Orphans, Erik Petersen confined himself to a basement with an acoustic guitar, a rickety drum kit, a mandolin, and a four-track to stir a bunch of ideas together into a stew of songs.  Since then, Mischief Brew has grown to include several more humans, a few pug dogs, a lot more volume, and a bunch of pots and pans to bang on. It’s not unusual to see members scavenging around for scraps of metal and pieces of wood before a show, to use as percussion for a live set. And it might be the only punk rock band to feature a vibraharp. The albums, meanwhile, have labeled the band as everything from “Gypsy-Punk” to “Pirate-Swing” to “Anarcho-Circus-Music” (all and none of these). Their latest is being released on Alternative Tentacles.

Ramshackle Glory: Post-folk punk band from Tucson with a revolving cast, fronted by Pat the Bunny!

Travis James & The Acrimonious Assembly Of Arsonists: Psychotic folk-punk.

Black Mountain Moonshine: Folk punkgrass.

The Linecutters: Suburban thrash ska-punk.