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Pupppy / O-Face / Canids / The Smiling Faces / Dog Congress / Jon Heredia

This show's going to the dogs!!!

Pupppy: What began as a solo project in 2013 for singer-songwriter Will Rutledge developed into Pupppy, the Purchase, NY quartet lead by Rutledge (vocals, guitar), joined by Sam Skinner on guitar, Victor Massari on drums, and Nick Hasko on bass. Pupppy puts all their cards on the table in the form of nine charming pop songs on the band’s debut, Shit In The Apple Pie on Father/Daughter Records: songs that hark to personal and engaging memories of feeling dumb, puking at the MoMA, and all the unforgettably humiliating moments where something we don't like slaps us back into reality.

O-Face: Jangling, popping rock from Washington/New York States.

Canids: One man and his canine dreams.

The Smiling Faces: Recently enhanced with bassist, better than ever!

Dog Congress: New pups on the block!

Jon Heredia: Going away party for one of The Trunk Space's great volunteers!