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Kithkin / B.O.T.S. / The Ricardos

Kithkin: From Seattle. A tribe of Cascadian treepunks out to spread the hidden knowledge of the forests. Through its rituals and performances, Kithkin hopes to confront crowds about the impending "end of things" through witchee rhythms and chaotic sorcery.

"There is no one like Kithkin, I’m not even sure who you could compare them to, or what box would be most appropriate to label them under. Rock is spilled all over these songs, but punk mentality and aggression permeate as well, large group chants, and quaking drums, deliver a uniquely northwest tribal experience. I don’t think Kithkin could happen anywhere else, and if they did, the lack of our organic and naturalistic sensibilities would diminish the immense power in what you hear." -


The Ricardos