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Noisy-Go-Round #1: Hell Garbage / I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua / Hi, My Name is Ryan / Watchable Wildlife / Jon Heredia

Noisy-Go-Round Episode 1: Lots of acts set up in a circle. One plays a set of 15 minutes or less, then we merge right into the next act's set. No breaks, just noise! With...

Hell Garbage: From Lakeland, Florida. On his way to the Denver Noise Fest! "Hell Garbage is mental." - Steve Jansen..."Blew me away; especially the part with the cat toy." - Mullarkey

Hi, My Name is Ryan: He put Phoenix on the map! Who knows what he has in store this time?

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua: The sound of Avondale. Made by a man called Skunk Carcass!

Watchable Wildlife: Twee drone/noise from member of Run-On Sunshine/Cats in a Bowl/Monster Pussy/Teen Planet. First show!

Jon Heredia: First Trunk Space appearance was around 3:30 AM first night at The Indie 500. He's ready for prime time!

trunk space 2015 April 28.jpg