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The Dank Waves / Pro Teens / Ash Cashmere / Eli Kluger / Straight Straws

Come celebrate the holidays at the Trunk Space with some of your favorite acts from AZ!

The Dank Waves: Spinning psychedelia with words of wisdom from their synth mentor Willie. Roll 'em up and smoke 'em when they die.

Pro Teens: Poppy tunes just surfy and garagey enough to get all the moms, pops and kids up and groovin'.

Ash Cashmere: From Flagstaff. Coming down south for the spring, they figured they'd grace us with their harmonies and garage sensibilities.

Eli Kluger: Co-wrote Everybody's Looking at their Phone These Days with Max Modeen and it's been smooth sailing since. Such jokes. Very standup. Lots of Metro Center love.

Straight Straws: Jams, melodies, reverb, delay, guitars, STUFF.