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Crown Larks / Corey Fogel / Maxwell Gualtieri / Pocket Leaf / Sunn Trio

Crown Larks - From Chicago. “…at the intersection of the free rock, avant-garde jazz, and outre improvisation scenes which have long been a hallmark of the city’s music culture. 'Blood Mirage' is the first taste of their upcoming debut Blood Dancer. A lumbering, slow-burn intro is worth the wait as Crown Larks launch into an unexpectedly tight groove, smearing healthy dollops of saxophone over an energetic percussion attack that reframes the preceding skronk as a storm-before-the-calm palate cleanser. In an admirable display of patience they have waited until now to unleash their debut long-player. The authentic chemistry that results from hours upon hours of gigging is heard throughout Blood Dancer.” - Ad Hoc

Corey Fogel: LA-based drummer and performance artist. His solo work is based around improvisational encounters with sounds, objects, personalities, textiles, foods, spanning the disciplines of performance art, video, dance, and installation. He played in The Mae Shi.

Maxwell Gualtieri: LA-based guitarist/composer/improviser. He is involved with notable bands and ensembles that include Stupid Man Suit, The Michael Mull Octet, The Matty Harris Double Septet, Saturn’s Rival, The Anthropic Ensemble, Sophocles Steve, and Ladies and Gentlemen.

Pocket Leaf

Sunn Trio