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RedRumsey - Vern from Unwound! / Hiccups / The Smiling Faces / CJ Melton / Consumer

Red Rumsey - From Olympia, WA: Vern Rumsey, formerly of Unwound and Long Hind Legs, has been working off and on since 2000 as RedRumsey. Writing songs here and there, mostly for Unwound or Long Hind Legs, but what ended up being RedRumsey was the remnants that never came to fruition with either of those projects. Not to be confused with songs that were rejects, there was always just too much material. RedRumsey, at that time, was spotty at best, but never died.

After stints in bands, such as Fitz of Depression, Oslo, and Flora v. Fauna, Vern always returned to RedRumsey as an outlet, but never playing live save for one benefit show... until the Florida duo Teach Me Equals asked RedRumsey to go on a tour of the western half of the United States. That collaboration turned out to be very inspiring and motivating.

RedRumsey, as self described by Vernon himself, is a more organic version of his previous band Long Hind Legs. It is a versatile collaboration... sometimes solo accoustic, or with guest players, or with electronics, and yet, sometimes with a combination of all three. Vern's goal is to make every RedRumsey show a new experience from the last.

With local sounds from...


The Smiling Faces


CJ Melton