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Bat Country / Kid Dynamite and the Blast / Gus / Blithed

Bat Country - Reno, NV folk punks! "I remember strumming out of tune chords on a 5-string guitar while Jared calmly, yet furiously, plucked away at a broken acoustic bass on the 15th floor of his condo overlooking downtown Reno.

"After playing a last minute set with our heroes, Ramshackle Glory, coupled with the encouragement of Pat ‘The Bunny’, we decided to take a stab at being something other than two stoners jamming silly tunes in a one room high-rise.

"Time passes. We began to sharpen up our sound, still jamming mind you, with our good friends Patrick, Jace, and Cactus Head. I will never forget the amazingly surreal feeling of witnessing my simple folk songs turn into something I could never imagine doing by myself. For this, I am forever grateful to these homies.

"This our best attempt to present to you a sound that we are all proud of. For myself, these songs document several events, beautiful and tragic, that have occurred during Bat Country’s existence. These songs are not, nor ever will they be, finished."

With locals...

Kid Dynamite and the Blast