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Terror Pigeon! / Calliope Musicals / Man-Cat / Hug of War / Doyenne

Terror Pigeon! - Inspirational dance-pop costume extravaganza! On David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label.

"It’s nearly impossible to stand on the sidelines of a Terror Pigeon! Show. Well it’s possible, but you’d be missing the very reason people come: to be part of the sweaty disco pileup." - New York Magazine

"The happiest, most pure moment of music this year... Based on these five minutes, I'd follow Terror Pigeon! blindly to the ends of the earth." - Stereogum

Calliope Musicals - Psychedelic party-folk from Austin! Feel-good vibes that aim to swallow listeners and spit them out as happier versions of their former selves.

" of the most incredible stage shows in the country, complete with their own pink unicorn and confetti cannon. This is not a concert to be missed." -Talent Monthly Magazine

Local fun-makers!:


Hug of War