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Corners / Playboy Manbaby / Celebration Guns / Paper Foxes

Corners - on Lollipop Records!

Their 2012 Beyond Way release was a more surf-inspired garage rock album, while the new release Maxed Out On Distraction is a synth-inspired post-punk album in the Internet age. Mastered by Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups, MF Doom, The Black Angels, M83), album title itself is a reflection of living in the Internet age and literally not having any room in your life for more distractions. Singer Tracy Bryant explains, “The album title relates to the music in the way we approached making the album itself… blocking out everything else and focusing on making pure music, not being distracted with the constant addiction that social networking sites have become.”

Playboy Manbaby

Celebration Guns

Paper Foxes

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