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Pharmakon / Marshstepper / Lusitania / A0N / Cloak

Pharmakon: The power electronics/death-industrial project of Margaret Chardiet, which has been operating out of The Red Light District collective in New York City since 2007. Unlike other experimental projects, Pharmakon does not improvise when performing or recording. She is concise and exact; each song/movement is linear with a clear trajectory. Perhaps more than any other style of music, noise is a genre almost exclusively dominated by male performers. Spin Magazine is apt to point out that her “perfectionism might explain why her recordings are few and far between — a rarity in a scene where noise bros are want to puke out hour after endless hour of stoned basement jams into a limitless stream of limited-edition tapes. Her music may be as cuddly as a trepanning drill, but it’s also just as precise: She glowers in measured silence as often as she shrieks, and every serrated tone cuts straight to the bone, a carefully calibrated interplay between frequency and resistance.”

Marshstepper: Members of Arizona punk stalwarts including Avon Ladies, Destruction Unit, Tempe SS, and Pigeon Religion here in their most industrial incarnation

Lusitania: Experimental metal from members of Gay Kiss, Dealing, Sacred Followers, and Detached Objects.

With A0N and Cloak. Presented by Select.