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IHYWYP / Inhalants / Natalie Eickmeyer / Cactussin

IHYWYP: "A one-man punk-pop-electro-cock-rock band consisting of Phil Buckman on vocals, guitars, keys and drum machine, based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Started as a joke during Buckman's stint as a roadie for punk band Stab City Slit Wrists, and performing as the opening act for more prominent bands, IHYWYP gained more exposure in a 2002 article in Wired Magazine through its association with the video game-themed rock band The Minibosses. His popularity and mainstream exposure peaked in 2005, but by 2006, Buckman ended performing as IHYWYP full-time.

"In April 2004, Thrasher called a live IHYWYP show "a life-altering experience." In July 2005, Baltimore City Paper said Buckman's music "somehow manages to evoke the Beatles." In October 2005, a New York Times travel writer mentioned Buckman as "one of (Arizona's) most avant-garde performers." - Wikipedia

Joined on this special evening by...

Inhalants: From Portland, member of Ponies!

Natalie Eickmeyer: From Flagstaff.