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More Eaze / Earwiig / Got-the-Bends / Sage of Seers

More Eaze: From Austin, Texas. New work by composer marcus m. rubio. The project focuses on collage based work and the destruction of song forms.

"Pop subversive Marcus Rubio gives rein to total musical omnivery on his new album, (frail). Rubio has blended his bluegrass-picker upbringing with his CalArts composition studies before, to thrilling effect; here, he layers vaporous R&B into the mix as well, recombining the constituent features of pop, noise and baby-makin’ music into something entirely new." - Decoder Magazine

"Taken in its entirety, (frail) is a sweeping statement that encompasses the fragility of modern life - the fact that our internal lives are total messes held together by a veneer of conditioned responses with flashes of deep brilliance - by expanding and contracting from flattened noise to full, fleshed out compositions replete wtih entire string sections that coalesce and then break apart into a thousand pieces." - Tome to the Weather Machine

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Sage of Seers