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Kevin Greenspon / Palma Arámbula / Waytansea Point / Shun the Atavist

Kevin Greenspon: Kevin's hiistory as a mindful and concise composer of graceful ambient compositions for guitar, synthesizer, and cassette tape reach for new horizons on his newest release. To Leave A Mark stitches the ethereal atmosphere of previous work with rhythmic elements of techno, noise, and pop music. On his 2015 U.S. tour, each song’s performance is synchronized to rapid-cut video projections that melt into abstract pools, coaxing the viewer into a state of self-reflection.

A veteran of the oft-fragmented DIY scene that stretches from Los Angeles into parts unknown and overlooked, Greenspon has performed an average of 100 shows annually on national tours over the past five years in venues ranging from art museums to abandoned naval bases. Rarely slowing the pace when at home, he also runs the Bridgetown Records label, releasing sizable batches of albums for like-minded peers from the deep reaches of the underground each season.

Paul Arámbula

Waytansea Point

Shun the Atavist