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Josef Henry's Birthday Bash

Come celebrate Josef Henry's birthday with his band and a bunch of sweet bands and people from Phoenix. An absurd line-up of bands including:

Port-o-Potty Hotbox: A weird performance art band that specializes in killing the mood and pretending to be profound.

USB: The rad and funky side project of rapper K-Dangerous!

CJ Melton: Doing something predictably insane.

K-Dangerous: Come for the dreads, stay for the sultry sounds of his smooth fire breathing.

The Doyenne: The baddest act to ever take The Trunk Space stage is going to felt some maces.

The Smiling Faces: Eric Gallagher and company rock our world.

JAM: From the distant planet known as the West Valley, JAM is one of the dopest two-pieces in the history of human existence and you will love them.

The festivities start at 6 PM. In lieu of flowers, please bring $5 dollars as an entry fee. Party hats WILL be distributed. And yes, you have to wear them.