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Sick of Sarah / Lost Element / The Darling Sounds

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Sick of Sarah: It’s been a winding road to get here. Lineup changes, parting with their label, financial instability, Warped Tours, sanity — it’s all been on the table at some point. But Sick of Sarah (which includes lead vocalist/guitarist Abisha Uhl, guitarist/vocalist Jessie Farmer, guitarist/vocalist Katie Murphy, and drummer/vocalist Jessica Forsythe) have come out the other side the better for it, with a clearer artistic vision and a tight, punchy six-song EP.

“The women who make up this Minnesota quartet bow at the altar of riot grrls’ days gone by while simultaneously thumbing their noses at scowling chick-rock clichés. The songs are as bracing as they are familiar." – Spin Magazine

“It was an absolute treat touring with SOS this year. They are fun loving, open-hearted girls who play irresistible punk infused pop music with a passion that is truly contagious… The girls are hilarious and wild, and have a charisma and chemistry that I found to be utterly charming... I think you will too!” – Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles)

Lost Element: From Houston, TX. Their new single “Twenty Five” layers crunchy guitars with a good time summer vibe sing-along chorus. It's from their new album, Stereo Dream, which has a dynamic mix of new wave pop, alternative drive, and indie hooks. Behind Lost Element’s sound are the three core writing members Omar Lopez (lead vocals), Brian Barrett (drums and backup vocals), and Trace Sisson (guitar and backup vocals), along with youthful dynamic duo of Kenny Conlon (bass) and Frank Vazquez (guitar and backup vocals).

The Darling Sounds