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Matthew O'Neill / Shrink / The Lonesome Wilderness / Ben Anderson

Matthew O'Neill - As a young adult, instead of being swept into the current of big city living, Matthew sought out the experience of life in the American wilderness living nomadically in our national forests. A profound and dynamic connection to the natural world is the hallmark of his music. With one foot in the world of human kind and the other in the realm of the mystic, the music of Matthew O’Neill bridges the senses and intuition, encouraging its listeners at once to let go, tune in and get real.

His debut album on Lone Pine Records, “Campfire Cook,” brings together Matthew’s extensive musical history, with intimate acoustic pieces amidst more extended “passionate, trance-induced song explorations.” Known for an unrepentant, raw guitar sound, his solos bring us to the edge of our seats and the very edge of our known sonic vocabulary. Matthew, as an artist, stands apart from his musical contemporaries as a feral and unapologetic songwriter combining frequencies of both ancient and modern sound with lyrics of wild abandon.

With locals...

The Lonesome Wilderness

Ben Anderson