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Cikatri$ / The Cigarette Bums / The Darling Sounds / Sedusa / Leftovers

Be rad on the Ides of March! International rock and roll gathering...Sunday fun day matinee!!

CIKATRI$ - Keytar - stylophone - drums - theremin - distorted bass - fast guitars - all sung in French! Aurélie hails from France but only started singing in French when moving to Stockholm, Sweden. A million tones and feelings mix in the back of her Tonmeister’s head, and in silence she starts writing down the first CIKATRI$ tunes. Voice is used as an instrument, words are just sounds, and all is part of a greater project like a mini-version of a total artwork. The lo-fi expression of an urgent feeling. A search begins for folks with the same passion for playing fast. And suddenly! Ignition. Using a keytar as the sonic nucleus, CIKATRI$ creates a relentlessly frenetic blast of songs that mix French 60s with Swedish garage punk and the rawer sounds of 80s synth. The live cast features members of Swedish bands Isobel & November, Holograms, RAS, and Henry Fiat's Open Sore. CIKATRI$ is featured in the official SXSW 2015.

The Cigarette Bums - From LA. Latest release recorded with Wyatt Blair of Lolipop Records at the helm as producer and engineer. "The Bums’ music is rootsy-expressive, postpunk quirky and as solidly diverting as anything squalling in Silverlake at the present moment." - Ron Garmon, LA Record. "A Dylan-meets-Daniel Johnston meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash-up that's a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage-band delivery, and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare." - LA Weekly

With local hit-makers!...


The Darling Sounds